Our mission is to provide high quality Pilates Classes in a focused, relaxed environment with highly experienced instructors.

The Pilates Reformer was developed to work virtually every part of the body so that there is no place for structural imbalances to hide.  This is what makes it so perfect for people working to overcome injury and many other conditions.  As you work through the various exercises on the Pilates Reformer you will find that your body responds by correcting those imbalances.  Exercises on the Pilates Reformer are the best to strengthen your core, encourage length and strength throughout the body but also demands stability, coordination, focus and sustained effort, which together results in a more balanced body.

Reformer Duet and Trio Classes

The next best thing to a private class, these small group Classes provide a personalised experience of the Pilates technique helping you stay motivated while remaining cost effective.  These Classes will use a mixture of equipment such as the Pilates Reformer, Box, Mat, Foam Roller and Magic Circle to develop core strength and flexibility, depending on your requirements.  Two People are required for the Duet Class and three people are required for the Trio Class.  If you are new to Pilates we recommend that you start with the Duet or Trio Class but if you have an injury or you are recovering from one we recommend starting with a 1:1 Private Class.  Duets and Trio Classes are also suitable for when the General Group L1 and L2 Class times just don’t suit your schedule or as a practiced Pilates Student you wish to focus of something more specific to the General L1 and L2 Classes. 

Pilates Stretch and Foam Roller Class                                   

RollerPilates Stretch is suitable for everyone.  This is one of the most effective stretch classes you could attend.   Using the Reformer to  stretch out and untangle the gluey bits of the body namely the Fascia (or Connective Tissue), and the muscles, tendons and ligaments contained within the Fascia.

Foam Roller Class is a more gentle approach to easing out tightness in the Fascia (Connective Tissue), and gives you a good core workout in the process.  No experience of Pilates is required to participate in this class.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga at Wexford Pilates StudioYin Yoga is a slower-paced more meditative style of Yoga where each stretch exercise is held for a long period of time.  The exercises are floor based allowing greater ease and support as you stretch and ease tightness from the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The Class is suitable for everyone regardless of your experience.  You will be supported and guided into stretches that suit your body’s needs. Yin Yoga is a great class to compliment all your Sports, Pilates or Gym Practice.