Our mission is to provide high quality Pilates Classes in a focused, relaxed environment with highly experienced instructors.


Studio Reformer Class
Wexford Pilates Reformer Class
Reformer Class

Reformer Pilates is similar to mat based Pilates only the exercises are done on a machine called the Reformer.  The Reformer uses springs to add resistance to the exercises with the aim to strengthen and tone the body.  The Reformer helps you stretch in every plane of direction, adjusting the springs to cater for different levels of flexibility.  With the endless choice of exercises you will  work the body from head to toe. Workout hard and feel great.

Online Pilates Mat Class
Online Pilates Mat Class
Online Pilates Mat Class

Discover the undeniable benefits of Pilates with our Mat Class and learn all of the fundamental Pilates movement techniques. Learn how to strengthen and use your core efficiently while also improving your flexibility and apply these exercises to your own mat workouts.  When Pilates is practiced with control, concentration and precision together with the breath it can be deeply relaxing for both mind and body.

Online Pilates 1:1 Private Class
Online Pilates Personal Training
Online 1:1 Pilates Training

The next best thing to a private class offering you a more personalised experience of Pilates.  If you are new to Pilates, if you have an injury or you are recovering from one we recommend starting with a 1:1 Private Class.

Online Chair Yoga
Online Chair Yoga
Online Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle approach to Yoga to bring balance to our daily lives.  All of the exercises are practiced while seated in a chair or using the chair for balance.  This class is suitable if you have limited mobility from an injury, illness or age.  Enjoy all the benefits of a regular yoga practice in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Online YogaFlow
Online Yoga

Gently warms muscles of the body allowing you to improve flexibility and build strength while developing inner stillness. Suitable for everyone.