Customer Testimonials

Pilates for Runners
“When I first started running last year my posture was really bad.  Pilates Reformer has helped me work on my core, and now when I run I am much more aware to keep a focus on my core which gives me better posture and helps me run better and get greater distance.  Pilates has also helped strengthen my legs which is essential for my long distance runs”.
J. Heffernan, January 2019
“Reformer Pilates has helped my running in a number of ways.  As someone prone to back injury due to a weak back, Pilates has helped increase my core strength which  has definitely resulted in less injuries.  I also find that Pilates helps me to recover from my long runs quicker.  It helps to increase mobility in my hips and ankles especially, and because of this I do find that I’m less sore and tight after long runs.  Pilates Class can an excellent way to stretch out any tight areas after any exercise.”
December 2018
Reformer Pilates
“I started Reformer Pilates as it was recommended for my ongoing back pain. It has helped not only with eliminating the back issues but in overall strengthening and toning of my body.  In particular, it helped identify muscles which were weak especially my upper body.  Ongoing classes has strengthened those as well as addressing my back.  I find that two classes a week is what I need for ongoing maintenance.”
November 2018, Ú. Henry

Pilates Stretch and Foam Roller Classes   “The Pilates Stretch Class on the Reformer was just amazing, we stretched out all areas of our bodies including muscles I forgot I had not to mention the fascia I never knew I had! This had the immediate impact of releasing tension throughout my body. It isolated and relieved tightness in lots of areas. I especially loved using the foam roller, I bought one of these 2 years ago and finally I now know how to use it. In addition, the class provided me with some key stretches to start my day even if I only have limited time available”

August 2018, Dermot

Pilates for core stability and injury prevention in GAA “As physical trainer for Oulart The Ballagh Senior Hurling Team, I was looking to introduce Pilates into our weekly training regime. I am aware of the benefits of using Pilates for GAA and how Pilates has positive benefits on core strength, flexibility, balance, efficient movement and injury prevention, all of which are vital for GAA. Jane worked with us for a number of weeks throughout the year and showed great expertise, knowledge and ability to progress or tailor the Pilates sessions to the player’s needs. The sessions always complemented the teams physical and skills training sessions. I feel the Pilates sessions played a key role in Oulart The Ballagh winning the Wexford County Senior League and Championship title in 2016. I hope to utilise Janes skills again in the future”.

December 2016, Ray Harris, Physical Trainer for Oulart The Ballagh GAA, Wexford