Wellness Day

Blackstairs Mountain
Blackstairs Mountain

Our Wellness Days have been suspended for the present. We are doing daily Pilates and Yoga classes online. Check the timetable here.

Breathe, Stretch, Hike, Delicious Food, Deep Relaxation and more.  Our Wellness day is designed for those who wish to take a little time out for themselves to nourish and restore body and soul.

Pilates Stretch
Pilates Stretch

The Wellness Day starts with a Pilates Stretch and Mindful Movement Class. Then you can chose a 8km or 3km Hike around the foothills of the Blackstairs Mountains or Mount Leinster.  Throughout the day teas and tasty vegan treats are available.  The hike will be followed by a well deserved nutritious and healthy vegan lunch. 

Vegan Lunch with Wexford Pilates Studio
Vegan Lunch

A guided deep relaxation session follows on from lunch which will totally relax the mind and body encouraging you to develop inner stillness and peace. The day concludes with farewell teas and treats.

Please feel free, but not obliged, to bring a vegan, sugar free treat that you would like to share. If bringing one, please also bring a hard copy of the recipe as receiving new nutritional ideas and recipes is part of the sharing.    


9.45am  Registration

10.00am  Mindful Movement, Meditation and Pilates Stretch Class

11.00am  Tea and Treats from Sharing Table

11.30am  8km or 3km Hike

The Cullentra Trail is a 8km looped trail in the foothills of the Blackstairs Mountain.  It follows along a mass path, climbing quiet country lanes, and forest tracks giving stunning panoramas of the surrounding countryside.

The Ballycrystal Trailis a looped 3km Hike located in the foothills of Mount Leinster Mountain.  This peaceful trail follows along forest paths and quiet country roads.

1.30pm  Vegan lunch

2.30pm  Deep Relaxation

3.30pm  Farewell tea and treats.

Wellness Day Reviews

Hi Jane,  Just a few lines to let you know how much I enjoyed my Wellness Day with you and my fellow participants  on the foothills of the Blackstairs Mountains.  The atmosphere was calm and so relaxing.  I loved the Pilates stretch and my body loved it even more.  I felt the stress refreshingly fade from my body.  The walk was uplifting and oh so scenic.  I felt wrapped around by the mountains and the fresh air was invigorating.  The meditation in the afternoon was a melting moment which appeared to last forever.  Body and soul in sync!  The food and snacks were indeed a treat, so wholesome.  To sum up the day I escaped my world and was renewed in Jane’s world.

Phyllis-January 2020

Great stretching class and a lovely walk in the foothills of the Blackstairs Mountains, with great views on the day.  Relaxation class was a fantastic way to end the day and the whole experience was a welcome change of pace from the usual day-to-day.  Delicious and hearty lunch after all the fresh air and the good company made for a thoroughly enjoyable day, thank you.

Michelle-January 2020

Signing up for the Wellness Day felt selfish and challenging. The thought of a whole day doing things I enjoy was very appealing but what would the day entail? Would I be able for the activities?
A walk along the foothills of the nearby mountain started the day. It was a beautiful morning, the air was so clear and fresh, the views were amazing and the group proved interesting and so friendly. The two hours flew by and we returned to base exhilarated, energized and hungry. Everyone brought a snack to share and hot drinks and food were very welcome.
The hour that followed seemed like a gentle mix of yoga and Pilates stretching out was the perfect antidote to the earlier walk.
Lunch followed and Jane provided a delicious meal that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
A deep relaxation session followed and this proved the perfect end to our day.
I’ve been wondering if and how the day could be improved on and have drawn a blank. For me it was a perfect day.

Paula-February 2020